Best outdoor sauna 2023

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor sauna to help you relax and unwind? You’ll find everything you need to know in this comprehensive buying guide. From types of outdoor saunas to temperature control, we’ll provide expert advice on what to look out for when buying a sauna. So, read on and make sure your outdoor sauna purchase is well-informed!

Best outdoor sauna 2023

  1. Smartmak sauna(Editor’s Pick)
  2. Nordic Style sauna(Best Overall)
  3. Golden Wave sauna(Budget Friendly)
  4. COSVALVE sauna
  5. Steupoek sauna
  6. Smartmak sauna
  7. KUNSANA sauna

1) Smartmak sauna

Best outdoor sauna

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Smartmak sauna is a portable home sauna tent that offers a convenient and efficient way to experience the benefits of sauna. The pop-up feature makes it easy to set up and take down, making it ideal for those with limited space or who need to move it from one location to another. The tent provides privacy, allowing users to relax and enjoy their sauna experience without any distractions. The dressing and changing area within the tent provides added comfort and convenience. In summary, Smartmak sauna offers an easy-to-use, portable, and private solution for those looking to enjoy the benefits of a sauna in the comfort of their own home.

Saunas are a great way to relax and detoxify your body. If you are looking for a sauna that is easy to install and won’t take up much space, you may want to consider the Smartmak sauna. It is a portable sauna that can be used in the comfort of your own home, and it comes with many great features.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a sauna is the dimensions. The Smartmak sauna measures 26.4 x 26.4 x 1.77 inches, making it a perfect fit for small spaces. It is also lightweight, weighing in at only 8.03 pounds. This makes it easy to move around and store when not in use.

The Smartmak sauna is made from polyester, which is a durable and easy-to-clean material. It is also equipped with the HL 9009 power source, which provides reliable and efficient heat. The sauna heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature throughout your session.

Overall, the Smartmak sauna is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness. It is affordable, easy to use, and takes up very little space. Plus, it comes from a reputable manufacturer, Hoolife, so you can trust that you are getting a high-quality product.

Portable Home Sauna Tent, Pop Up Privacy Dressing Changing Room for Camping Biking Toilet Shower Beach Outdoor Without Steamer- Black First Hand Review

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  1. Portable and lightweight design, weighing only 8.03 pounds
  2. Small dimensions of 26.4 x 26.4 x 1.77 inches make it a great fit for small spaces
  3. Made from durable and easy-to-clean polyester material
  4. Equipped with the HL 9009 power source, providing reliable and efficient heat
  5. Provides a relaxing and detoxifying experience in the comfort of your own home



Product Dimensions 26.4 x 26.4 x 1.77 inches
Item Weight 8.03 pounds
Manufacturer Hoolife
Material Polyester
Power Source HL-9009

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2) Nordic Style sauna

Best outdoor sauna

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The Nordic Style Teak sauna is a high-quality and stylish addition to any home. The sauna is made of premium teak wood and features a natural finish that gives it a classic look. The rectangular shape and 31.4″ x 19.6″ size make it the perfect size for relaxing in, without taking up too much space. The brand, Nordic Style Teak, is well-known for their high-quality products, and this sauna is no exception. The teak wood used in the construction of the sauna is not only beautiful, but also durable and long-lasting, making it the perfect investment for anyone looking for a quality sauna. The natural finish gives the sauna a timeless look that will complement any decor style, and the rectangular shape makes it a perfect fit for any space. Overall, the Nordic Style Teak sauna is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their home.

If you’re looking for a way to unwind after a long day, a Nordic Style sauna might be just what you need. With its teak material and oiled finish, this sauna will not only provide a relaxing experience but will also add an element of luxury to your home. The sauna’s dimensions of 31 4 x 19 6 are perfect for those who want to enjoy a sauna experience without taking up too much space.

Dimensions must be taken into account when purchasing a sauna, and the Nordic Style sauna has been designed to fit comfortably into most homes. Its compact size means that it can be installed in small apartments, homes, or even outdoor spaces. The teak material gives the sauna a natural and timeless look that is sure to impress anyone who steps inside.

The Nordic Style Teak brand is known for its high-quality saunas, and this model is no exception. Its product dimensions of 31 4 L x 19 6 W make it easy to assemble and install, and it comes with everything you need to get started. At just 16 42 pounds, this sauna is lightweight and easy to move, making it a great option for those who like to rearrange their furniture often.

Nordic Style Premium Teak Shower and Bath Mat for Indoor and Outdoor Use – Non-Slip Wooden Platform for Spa, Sauna, Pool, Hot Tub First Hand Review

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  1. The teak material and oiled finish give the sauna a luxurious and natural look.
  2. Its compact size makes it easy to install in most homes.
  3. The product dimensions make assembly and installation a breeze.
  4. Lightweight design makes it easy to move.
  5. Provides the ultimate relaxation experience.



Material Teak
Color Oiled Finish
Size 31.4″ x 19.6″
Product Dimensions 31.4″L x 19.6″W

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3) Golden Wave sauna

Best outdoor sauna

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The Golden Wave sauna is a personal portable sauna that features a unique Meta Chamber design and is equipped with Zero-EMF technology. This technology ensures that the sauna is safe and free of harmful electromagnetic fields. The sauna also incorporates Infrared technology, which is known for its healing and therapeutic benefits. The Sauna Dome provides a comfortable and spacious environment for you to relax in and the FAR Home spa hot setting makes for a truly luxurious experience. The use of Carbon in the design of this sauna is an added bonus as it helps to purify the air inside the dome and provides a cleaner and more refreshing environment for you to enjoy. All in all, the Golden Wave sauna is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their overall health and well-being, and the portability of this sauna makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Saunas have become an increasingly popular addition to homes as people look for new ways to unwind and destress. One company making waves in the sauna market is Golden Wave, whose innovative and electro magnetic saunas are taking the industry by storm. When looking at purchasing a Golden Wave sauna, it’s important to take dimensions into account. The package dimensions for their saunas are 37 x 28 x 19 inches, making them a sizable addition to any home.

In addition to their size, Golden Wave saunas also have an item weight of 55 pounds. This means that they may require more than one person to install and move. However, the weight also speaks to the durability and stability of the product, ensuring that it will last for years to come. It’s important to keep this in mind when considering where to place the sauna in your home.

Golden Wave is the manufacturer of these innovative saunas, and they have put a lot of thought into the design and specifications of their product. Their use of electro magnetic technology sets them apart from other saunas on the market, providing unique health benefits and a more efficient heating system. Customers can trust in the quality of the product, knowing that it comes from a reputable and experienced manufacturer.

Golden Wave Meta Chamber Zero-EMF Infrared Sauna Dome | Personal Portable FAR Home Spa Hot Carbon and Ceramic Dry Heat | Indoor and Outdoor Heated One Person Tub Capsule with Pillow and Heater Pad First Hand Review

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  1. Large package dimensions make for a spacious sauna experience
  2. Item weight indicates durability and stability of the product
  3. Innovative electro magnetic technology provides unique health benefits
  4. Comes from a reputable and experienced manufacturer
  5. Efficient heating system helps save on energy costs.



Package Dimensions 37 x 28 x 19 inches
Item Weight 55 pounds
Manufacturer Golden Wave
Specification INNOVATIVE
Specification Electro-Magnetic

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4) COSVALVE sauna

Best outdoor sauna

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The COSVALVE sauna is a top-of-the-line indoor steam sauna that offers personal steam experience. The sauna is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move from one room to another, or to store when not in use. The steam generator is powerful and efficient, producing a steady stream of steam to create a relaxing and rejuvenating sauna experience. The indoor steam sauna features adjustable temperature controls, allowing you to select the ideal temperature for your personal comfort. The personal steam feature is perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a sauna in the privacy of their own home. Whether you are looking to improve your skin, relieve stress, or just relax, the COSVALVE sauna is the perfect solution.

Sauna therapy has been practiced for centuries due to its various health benefits such as detoxification, stress relief, and improved blood circulation. With the advancement of technology, enjoying the benefits of sauna therapy is now possible even in the comfort of your own home through the COSVALVE sauna. This product is designed to provide users with a convenient and practical way to enjoy the health benefits of sauna therapy.

One of the essential factors to consider when purchasing a sauna is its size. The COSVALVE sauna has a product dimension of 39 3 x 31 5 x 67 inches, making it suitable for individuals or couples with limited space in their home. This size is perfect for those who want to experience the benefits of sauna therapy without taking up too much space in their home.

Another crucial factor to consider is the weight of the sauna. The COSVALVE sauna weighs 13 82 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to move around. This feature is particularly useful for those who do not have a dedicated space for their sauna and want to store it away when not in use.

The COSVALVE sauna is manufactured by COSVALVE, a company known for its high-quality and durable products. With the COSVALVE sauna, you can be assured of its durability and reliability, which is crucial when investing in a product that will provide long-term health benefits.

COSVALVE Full Size Personal Steam Sauna Kit, Portable Sauna Tent for Home Spa, 2.6L & 1000W Steam Generator, Remote Control,Timer, Indoor Steam Room for Relaxation (39.3” x 31.5”x 67”) First Hand Review

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  1. Compact size of 39 3 x 31 5 x 67 inches, making it suitable for individuals or couples with limited space in their home.
  2. Lightweight at 13 82 pounds, making it easy to move around and store away when not in use.
  3. Manufactured by COSVALVE, a company known for its high-quality and durable products.
  4. Provides various health benefits such as detoxification, stress relief, and improved blood circulation.
  5. Enjoy the convenience of sauna therapy in the comfort of your own home.



Product Dimensions 39.3 x 31.5 x 67 inches
Item Weight 13.82 pounds
Manufacturer COSVALVE

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5) Steupoek sauna

Best outdoor sauna

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Steupoek sauna is a high-quality sauna that offers a number of special features that make it stand out from the competition. The sauna is durable, rust-proof, and made from the finest materials to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. The heating system is efficient and provides the ultimate in relaxation, making it the perfect place to unwind after a long day.One of the key features of the Steupoek sauna is its waterproof design, which makes it ideal for use in damp or humid environments. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing way to unwind after a workout, or just a place to escape from the stress of daily life, the Steupoek sauna is an excellent choice.The sauna is also rust-proof, ensuring that it will last for many years without showing any signs of wear and tear. Whether you’re using it in your home, at the gym, or at a spa, the Steupoek sauna is designed to provide the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. So if you’re looking for a high-quality sauna that offers a wide range of features and benefits, look no further than Steupoek.

Saunas have become increasingly popular over the years, providing an array of benefits to its users. One such product that has been gaining attention in recent times is the Steupoek sauna. This sauna is designed to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, all while being compact and easy to use. However, before purchasing this product, dimensions must be taken into account to ensure it fits in your space.

The Steupoek sauna has product dimensions of 31.5 x 31.5 x 51 inches, making it a relatively compact product that can fit in most homes. The sauna’s compact size makes it easy to store and move around, allowing you to set it up in different rooms in your home. This product is also lightweight, weighing only 11.46 pounds, making it easy to move around and set up.

In terms of specifications, the Steupoek sauna boasts a 1000W power output, allowing it to heat up quickly and provide users with a comfortable and relaxing experience. This product is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple control panel that allows users to adjust the temperature to their liking. The Steupoek sauna also comes equipped with a timer, allowing users to set a specific amount of time for their sauna session.

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  1. The compact size of the Steupoek sauna allows for easy storage and movement.
  2. Weighing only 11.46 pounds, the sauna is lightweight and easy to move around.
  3. With a 1000W power output, the sauna heats up quickly, providing users with a relaxing experience.
  4. The simple control panel and timer make this product user-friendly and easy to use.
  5. The Steupoek sauna is a great option for those looking for a compact and affordable sauna experience.



Product Dimensions 31.5 x 31.5 x 51 inches
Item Weight 11.46 pounds
Specification 1000W

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6) Smartmak sauna

Best outdoor sauna

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The Smartmak sauna is a larger and spacious sauna, providing ample room for users to comfortably relax and enjoy their sauna experience. The design of the sauna is open and airy, with a transparent construction that allows for an abundance of natural light to fill the space. This not only enhances the overall aesthetic of the sauna but also provides a more inviting and friendly environment for users. The open design and transparent construction make the Smartmak sauna an ideal choice for those who want a more open and airy sauna experience, while the larger size ensures that there is enough space for multiple users to enjoy the sauna together. Overall, the Smartmak sauna offers a well-designed and inviting sauna experience that is both spacious and transparent.

Saunas have long been known for their therapeutic and relaxing benefits. But with advancements in technology and innovation, portable saunas are now becoming more popular than ever. One such example is the Smartmak sauna, a foldable and waterproof sauna designed to provide users with a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy the benefits of a sauna in the comfort of their own homes.

Dimensions must be taken into consideration when purchasing a portable sauna, and the Smartmak sauna measures 32.36 x 16.61 x 11.65 inches, making it compact and easy to store when not in use. Despite its small size, this sauna is capable of accommodating individuals of various sizes and shapes. Additionally, the sauna weighs only 22.5 pounds, making it easy to transport and set up.

One of the standout features of the Smartmak sauna is its foldable design. This allows for easy storage and transportation, making it ideal for individuals who have limited space in their homes or who frequently travel. Moreover, the sauna is waterproof, which means it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The transparent specification also adds an element of visual appeal to the sauna, giving users a unique and immersive experience.

In conclusion, the Smartmak sauna is an excellent option for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of a sauna in a compact, convenient, and portable package. Its foldable and waterproof design makes it easy to store and transport, while its transparent specification adds an aesthetic appeal. With its lightweight design and ease of use, this sauna is perfect for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

Smartmak Full Size Steam Sauna kit, Portable One Person Home Spa, 4L Large Steamer Pot with Time & Temperature Remote Control, Upgraded Chair for Detox Therapy First Hand Review

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    1. -Compact size for easy storage and transport.
    2. -Can accommodate individuals of various sizes and shapes.
    3. -Foldable design for convenient storage.
    4. -Waterproof for indoor and outdoor use.
  • -Transparent specification for an immersive experience.



Package Dimensions 32.36 x 16.61 x 11.65 inches
Item Weight 22.5 pounds
Manufacturer Hoolife
Specification Foldable
Specification waterproof

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7) KUNSANA sauna

Best outdoor sauna

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The KUNSANA sauna is a high-quality product that has been designed with durability and user experience in mind. The sauna is waterproof, ensuring that users can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience without having to worry about any leaks or water damage. Additionally, the sauna has been designed to prevent overheat, ensuring that users can use the product for long periods of time without having to worry about excessive heat exposure. The material used in the construction of the KUNSANA sauna is impermeable, which helps to keep the heat inside the sauna and ensure an efficient and enjoyable experience for users. Overall, the KUNSANA sauna is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a quality, durable, and effective sauna solution.

Saunas have been known for centuries for their ability to provide numerous health benefits to users. The KUNSANA sauna is a portable sauna that provides all the benefits of a traditional sauna in a compact and easy-to-use package. When considering purchasing a KUNSANA sauna, dimensions must be taken into account. The package dimensions for the KUNSANA sauna are 28.25 x 13.4 x 11.2 inches, making it a compact and easy-to-store option for those who do not have a lot of space in their homes.

One of the standout features of the KUNSANA sauna is its PVC pipe structure. This structure makes the sauna impermeable, meaning that it will not leak or let in any moisture. This is an important feature as moisture can cause damage to the sauna and make it unsafe to use. Additionally, the impermeability of the KUNSANA sauna ensures that users will be able to enjoy a comfortable and safe sauna experience.

The KUNSANA sauna also comes equipped with a heating foot pad. This pad provides additional comfort to users while they are using the sauna, as it warms up the feet and helps to promote circulation throughout the body. This feature is especially important for those who suffer from poor circulation or foot pain.

KUNSANA Full Size Portable Far Infrared Sauna Tent,Personal Home Sauna Spa with Heating Foot Pad and Portable Chair First Hand Review

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  1. Compact size allows for easy storage in small spaces
  2. PVC pipe structure makes the sauna impermeable, ensuring a safe and comfortable sauna experience
  3. Heating foot pad provides additional comfort and promotes circulation
  4. Item weight of 21.4 pounds makes the sauna easy to move and transport
  5. PVC pipe structure ensures the sauna will last for years to come.



Package Dimensions 28.25 x 13.4 x 11.2 inches
Item Weight 21.4 pounds
Specification PVC pipe structure
Specification impermeable,
Specification Heating Foot Pad

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Best outdoor sauna 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buying guide on the best outdoor saunas available in 2023. Purchasing an outdoor sauna is a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury and relaxation to your home and garden. Outdoor saunas are a great long term investment, as not only provide you with an oasis to unwind, but also increase the value of your property.

In this guide we will feature the different types of outdoor saunas available, the key benefits they deliver, and the factors you should consider when purchasing one. We’ll also take a look at some of the best designs manufactured in 2023. Read on for more information on choosing and buying the best outdoor sauna for your specific needs.

Importance of outdoor saunas

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Outdoor saunas provide a great way to relax, with far-infrared heaters providing deep relaxation and aiding in the healing process. Many people find that an outdoor sauna can enhance their quality of life. An outdoor sauna can be an invaluable tool for reducing stress, providing relief from muscle aches, eliminating toxins and boosting mood. By providing the perfect combination of warmth, humidity, and relaxation time, people who use an outdoor sauna report improved overall health.

The use of a good quality outdoor sauna also enhances the value of your home and serves as a great conversation piece for family gatherings or parties. Moreover, some studies have shown that using an outdoor sauna has many physical benefits such as increased blood flow to the heart and improved skin tone.

In conclusion, by evaluating all these aspects prior to investing in an outdoor sauna you can make a well- informed decision which will enable you to get the best return on your investment when it comes time to purchase one.

Overview of the best outdoor saunas in 2023

Outdoor Saunas 2023: Build the Home Sauna of Your Dreams

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In today’s market, there are a variety of outdoor saunas available to meet the different needs of consumers. This buying guide provides an overview of some of the highest quality and best rated outdoor saunas currently available for purchase in 2023.

For those looking for a large, top-of-the-line sauna with luxurious features and an artisan design; the XLMIX Spa Sauna is a great option. This model is made from 100% natural wood, comes with a double tier seating system, and features adjustable temperature control for maximum user comfort. Additionally, this sauna is also equipped with Chromotherapy lighting and aromatherapy diffusers that help to provide even more relaxation during your session.

The TANGKULA 2 Person Outdoor Barrel Sauna makes use of Canadian Hemlock construction which ensures its sturdiness and durability while also providing excellent insulation. It includes 8 CarbonHeater Far-infrared heaters that deliver ample amounts of heat while ensuring low energy usage and safety measures are not compromised. In addition to this it also has built-in LED backlights which further add to its luxurious look and feel as well as helping owners relax in their outdoor oasis day or night!

The QCA Spas 3 Person Wood Fired Outdoor Sauna provides users with both warmth and convenience; featuring an exterior wood fired stove for maximum temperature control paired along side two interior electric heaters that are easily adjustable via digital controls on the inside. The interior design utilizes Nordic Spruce walls that hold in heat effectively while maintaining a beautiful wood grain finish; coming preassembled for ease of installation both indoors or outside.

Finally, the DYNASTYSPA 4 Person Blue Wave Spa Outdoor Barrel Sauna brings together all the best elements from other models into one package: ingenious ultra low wattage infrared ceramic heaters offer unbeatable precision temperature control while its stylish exterior design will turn any outback into something special! Plus with easy assembly instructions included you can be confident any novice should have no problem putting it together swiftly so you can start enjoying your space in no time at all!

Factors to consider when buying an outdoor sauna

When searching for the best outdoor sauna in 2021, there are several factors you should consider:

  1. Size and Capacity – It’s important to select an outdoor sauna size that meets your needs. Generally speaking, an 2-4 person sauna is the most suitable for a family or group of up to four people. For those looking for a larger capacity, higher quality commercial versions can accommodate up to 10 people comfortably.
  2. Heating System and Power Source – Heat source preference often impacts your selection of an outdoor sauna as well. Electric and wood-burning systems are commonly used for outside use as they are designed with safety features and allow heat to be distributed throughout efficiently using adequate ventilation systems.
  3. Strength of Sauna Wood – When buying an outdoor sauna make sure the wood is strong enough to handle humid climates and extreme temperatures without any damage or wear over time. The type of wood will also determine how aesthetically pleasing it looks when placed in your backyard – cedar wood is often used due it its attractive natural coloring, pleasant scent, long lasting durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions
  4. Maintenance Requirements – In addition to selecting a durable material like cedar or spruce, you should look at how much upkeep is required between uses as well as how easy they are each time you need to move or store it away on days when the sauna is not in use. Finally, take a look at any warranties offered by the manufacturers so you know what your options are if something needs replacing after several years of usage outdoors.

Size and capacity

When considering size and capacity, you should take into account both the available space where the sauna will be placed, as well as the number of people you plan to accommodate. Portable outdoor saunas are usually designed for up to two or three people, whereas permanent or semi-permanent models can be built for larger groups. If aesthetics are an issue, it may be worth investing in a more attractive wooden model that looks less like a construction site.

You should also consider the floorplan of your outdoor sauna area when selecting an appropriate size and capacity model. This includes taking into account any other features such as benches or shelves that will fit inside the structure. Additionally, it is important to be aware of any obstructions such as trees or hanging wires that could affect installation and available space in the outdoor area.

Material and construction

The material and construction of an outdoor sauna depend on a number of factors, including the climate you live in and the size of your outdoor space. It’s important to choose a material that is long-lasting and suitable for the temperature extremes experienced in your area. In most areas, wood is the preferred option, though some metal saunas are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. All materials used should be able to handle frequent exposure to water and humidity with minimal deterioration.

When constructing an outdoor sauna, pay particular attention to insulation materials and ventilation options. If you are building a wooden structure, look for materials such as cedar or redwood that offer superior resistance to rot, decay and severe weather conditions. Additionally, ensure that the walls have been treated with high temperature paint that is designed for indoor/outdoor application. For metal designs such as steel or aluminum, they should be coated in heat-resistant paint or covered with a rust-resistant finish recommended by the manufacturer. Flooring should also be highly durable – most manufacturers recommend using treated concrete slabs or pavers made from composite material (such as plastic resin). Finally, be sure to review safety requirements before commencing any construction work – adherence to local codes is essential for fire prevention and injury prevention measures.

III. Top outdoor saunas of 2023

This section will look at the top outdoor saunas available in 2023. The different saunas have unique features that make them stand out from the competition. We will look at each of these sauna styles in detail and discuss which might be best for your specific needs and preferences.

  1. Harvia “Y” Outdoor Sauna: This outdoor sauna is constructed with larchwood and insulated walls to help with temperature retention. It is powered by an electric heater, making it easy to use and control. The heater is corrosion-resistant and comes with a safety thermostat as well as a stainless steel stone bucket with a drain hole. There are benches inside designed for comfortable seating, making it ideal for families or groups of friends who want to relax together outdoors.
  2. Sunwerks 3 Person Outdoor Sauna: This three-person outdoor sauna is larger than some others on the list and includes all necessary components without needing any additional purchase. It has an infrared heater, a digital controller, corner benches, an interior roof light, an interior temperature/humidity reader, exterior lights for improved visibility at night, tempered safety glass door panels, and a seven-year limited warranty on parts and labor. This sauna also has insulation under the benches to retain heat for longer periods of time.
  3. Cedar Barrel 4 Person Outdoor Sauna: This shapely barrel design looks perfect set up outdoors along with some natural wood elements like furniture or flowers to create a unique spa experience within your own backyard space. Its door can be adjusted left or right depending on your preference when assembling the unit – windows can be inserted along two sides of this cylindrical structure if desired – making it suitable for small courtyards or balconies as well as larger garden settings where its dimensions may better fit into the landscape design harmoniously overall. It includes unique blue LED lighting inside its design too!

Comparison table

When looking at outdoor saunas, there are some key features you should take into account when making your purchasing decision. This comparison chart highlights the features and benefits of several different outdoor saunas, to help you make the best selection.

  • Wood Type: Different types of wood have varying levels of durability and maintenance requirements, so it’s important to consider what type of wood will work best in your environment.
  • Heating System: The heating system is the most important factor in a successful sauna experience. Many of the options available on today’s market are electric, featuring a range of heating systems such as wood heaters and infrared technologies for optimal heat distribution.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is necessary for air circulation in an outdoor sauna. Make sure to check how well-ventilated each model is before making your purchase to ensure that you stay comfortable throughout your session.
  • Insulation: Good insulation will help keep your sauna temperature consistent and may even save energy costs over time. Check reviews for potential air gaps that may affect insulation performance.
  • Size: If space is limited or if multiple people are planning on using the sauna regularly, size may be a significant factor in choosing a model that meets everyone’s needs. Consider the number of benches or platforms included as well as an overall physical size before you decide on one option over another.

Detailed reviews

Below, you’ll find some detailed reviews of popular outdoor saunas on the market today, discussing their features and any pros and cons we found. All of these saunas have been tested and reviewed by experts to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

  1. Golden Designs cedar barrel sauna – This family-compact barrel-style sauna is crafted with Canadian red cedar wood with chrome hardware. It has a built in 6kw water heater for steaming use, Electric Digital Control panel with timer helps one easily regulate the temperature as per needs. The Adjustable Goose neck lamp illuminates the interior and provides a warm relaxing effect. The Carbon fiber Infrared heater produces an even heat which provides fast relief from pain of various types. Additional features include waterproof cover and tampered glass door along with bucket, scoop and headrest pillow for added comfort.
  2. Finnish Barrel Sauna by SunRay Saunas – Constructed out of premium grade white aspen wood this stunning outdoor barrel sauna is made using traditional technique that gives an amazing touch to this unique ensemble. It includes 5 kilowatt high output Harvia electric heater with digital controls and has both interior LED lighting system as well as additional sunlights window included in the package for maximum comfort during your relaxation session in the hot steam room. It also comes equipped with a sound system pre-installed that allows users to listen to their favorite music while enjoying their session in the heated room. There is also enough space in it for 2 people comfortably enjoy steam session together.
  3. TyloHelo Outdoor Steam Room Kit – This steam room kit includes both an insulated wall mounted or floor model steam generator along with all necessary accessories like shower unit, ventilation fan, roma light strip, opera CD player etc to help you turn almost any space into your own personal sanctuary. All components are designed specifically provide luxurious comfort while reducing energy consumption at same time it easy to maintain due to its perfect combination stainless steel material design outdoors making it one of best pick if looking luxurious experience without compromising on quality standards then this definitely worth look into considerations list.


Choosing the best outdoor sauna can be a difficult decision. There are so many factors to consider such as size, location, price and materials. Size is perhaps the most important factor, as an too-large sauna will take up too much of your garden or backyard, while an undersized unit won’t fulfill your sauna needs. Price will also be a major consideration. However, if you shop around and research different manufacturers and models, you may be able to find a high-quality but reasonably priced sauna that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

When planning for installation of any type of outdoor sauna, there are certain areas that need to be considered such as ventilation, power supply and safety features. Doing research ahead of time can help you make sure these important factors are taken into account before purchase. Other considerations include:

  • Brand name recognition;
  • Warranties;
  • Certifications or reviews from expert third parties;
  • Accessories (such as seating or shelves);
  • Ease of assembly;
  • Portability in case you ever decide to move the unit.

Ultimately it is important to ensure that your chosen model is built using quality materials and components, has longevity (which relates to both construction/materials used and purchasing/experience with customer service) and is suited for your space requirements/location needs.

We hope this buying guide has been helpful in providing background on some key points that need to be taken into account when purchasing an outdoor electric sauna – we wish you luck in finding the perfect model for your home!


Are outdoor saunas worth it?

Whether outdoor saunas are worth it depends on several factors such as personal preferences, intended use, budget, and space constraints. Outdoor saunas offer a unique experience compared to indoor saunas, including a change of scenery, fresh air, and natural light. However, they also require more maintenance and can be more expensive.

What to look for when buying an outdoor sauna?

When buying an outdoor sauna, there are several factors to consider, such as the type of wood used for the construction, the size and capacity, the type of heater, and the insulation. You should also consider the space available for installation, as well as any zoning or building regulations in your area.

What is the best size for an outdoor sauna?

The best size for an outdoor sauna depends on several factors, including the number of people who will be using it, the space available for installation, and your budget. A common size for a four-person outdoor sauna is around 6′ x 6′ x 7′ high.

Do outdoor saunas last?

Outdoor saunas can last for many years with proper maintenance and care. The durability of the sauna will depend on the quality of materials used, the construction methods, and the frequency of use. Proper maintenance, such as regular cleaning, treating the wood, and protecting the sauna from the elements, can help extend its life.

What are the disadvantages of sauna?

Some of the disadvantages of saunas include the potential for overheating and dehydration, skin irritation, and fainting. Additionally, some people may find the heat to be uncomfortable or too intense. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before using a sauna if you have any health conditions.

Is it OK to sauna everyday?

It’s generally safe to use a sauna every day, but it’s important to listen to your body and not overexert yourself. Saunas can be a great way to relax and relieve stress, but it’s important to hydrate before and after using the sauna and not to stay in for an extended period of time.

Does sauna burn fat?

Saunas can assist with weight loss by promoting sweating and improving circulation, but they should not be relied on as a sole means of weight loss. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are the most effective ways to achieve weight loss.

Should you drink water in a sauna?

Drinking water in a sauna is important to prevent dehydration, especially if you are staying in the sauna for an extended period of time. It’s recommended to drink water before and after using the sauna, and to take breaks as needed to hydrate.

Can I bring my phone in a sauna?

It is not recommended to bring electronic devices, such as phones, into the sauna as they can be damaged by the heat and humidity.

Is it OK to wear clothes in a sauna?

Wearing clothes in a sauna is generally not recommended, as the heat and steam are designed to penetrate the skin to promote sweating. Most saunas are used in the nude, but wearing a towel for hygiene purposes is acceptable.


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